The encyclopedia was one of my sources and a good on e because i knew it was a very dependable source.It gave me background information on  Napeoleon. Which was very informational it even told me how good of a ruler he was.The  encyclopedia that I used can be found at the kirby-smith library under refrences and the encyclopedia is  encyclopedia V.  Another one of my very favorite sites that had  a lot of information was  it had alot of information such as the final acts, and the participants that participated in the Congress of Vienna.  This  source was a very good source and advise that people use it if they ever need information on the Congress     of    Vienna  .  Another good site that helped me a lot wa This was a good site beause it was very informational once I started reading I could'nt stop It was like reading a non fiction novel it was amazingly intresting.But i think the Congress   of   Vienna  is amazing in general.  But  another great site that helped me was   because it had who got what when the treaty was signed.It was very helpful  to me because it helped realize that  France  was not the only one who lost or gained because everyone in the treaty    gained or lost or even a little bit of both.Another great site that helped me was  .   Some great things I found on  this website was pictures of some of the kings and maps so I knew what everything was like  and everything what everything looked like.  this website  helped me because I didnt know all the representtives but this  told me all the representitives of each country or continent that participated in the Congress   of   Vienna.